Welcome to TBI Financial

  • Santa Barbara Bookkeeper

    TBI Financial was established in Santa Barbara, CA in 2006. Since that time, we are proud to have earned the reputation as one of the premier local bookkeeping companies. Using personalized consultations and customized strategies, we specialize in full-charge bookkeeping and business services for startups, nonprofits, and small to mid-size organizations. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff are professionally trained to provide and manage a variety of business bookkeeping services.

  • Our Financial Clients

    Our clientele consists of a wide spectrum of community resources such as restaurants, architects, retailers, attorneys, landscapers, auto care professionals, nurseries, artists and more. A sample of our current and previous clients can be found on our “Client List” page. For details about the types of services we offer, please visit our “Bookkeeping Services” and “Business Consulting & Start-Up” pages.

  • Sustainable Relationships

    As a business in the Santa Barbara area, we understand the importance of building long-term, sustainable relationships with other members and entities within our community. We take pride in keeping our client accounts in top shape so they can focus on their mission and achieve their intended levels of development and success.



To remain dynamic and competitive while serving our community and clientele in a transparent professional manner. To create business connections and solutions with the highest level of confidentiality and integrity.”